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Café and Pâtisserie

376 University Park Dr., Regina, Sk


Handcrafted Pastries, Made Locally

With authentic French techniques and the finest seasonal ingredients, we bake delicious, hand-crafted pastries.

Taste Luxury

Creme Cafes and Patisserie offers a variety of pastries. A unique collection of artisanal macarons, luxury cream puff and modern cakes with a twists.

The best croissant in Regina


Regina Luxury Cream Puff

Choux and  Eclair

The best cake in Regina


The Best Macaron in Regina


We Deliver!

Get CRÈME Pastries to Your Doorstep

Wherever you are,
Our crust will follow you.

We deliver everyday
from 9am to 6pm

Banh Mi Croissant Regina
Regina best bakery

Sneak Peek: CRÈME Behind the Scenes

Regina Luxury Cream Puff
Regina Handcrafted Pastry
Creme Cafe and Patisserie
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